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FUZL | After Care Pack


Dimensions (mm): L124, D47, H37

Welcome to Caring for Wood

FUZL’s wooden products and surfaces are finished with VOC-free and food-safe advanced oils; basically, our surfaces are really well suited to the rigours of modern life, so relax.

The great thing about natural surfaces is that they look better with age and can roll with their bruises. So, your table or chair, shelving, or coasters will grow to be more beautiful and individual with every passing year. (Scratches, stains, and dents need to be expected and as far as we’re concerned celebrated.)

Most serious blemishes can be remedied with an ointment or tincture; an abrasive pad & elbow-grease. But, we recommend that you keep on top of the condition of your Working Surfaces* so that they continue to repel water and dirt many years from now. After all, the care of your wooden surfaces can be cathartic and rewarding when you’ve got the knack.

* Working Surfaces are those exposed wooden faces of your furniture that experience the hardest wear and tear and/or cleaning.

Tabletops, cabinet tops and coasters are good examples.


All of our furniture is 100% made in the UK, from sustainable material sources, by fairly paid crafts-people.


We wanted to make something really durable and yet easy to put together, which is a good recipe for sustainability in our view. Consequently all of our parts are easily replaceable and though we are confident that our furniture can survive being thrown down a set of stairs, we can replace broken parts if the need ever arises. 



With a mixture of hand-craft and engineering we fashion objects that have sustainability sewn throughout. Our upfront hard work and diligence is only half the story however. We are confident that our furniture can last a long time due to its materials, processes and design; but it takes caring owners to guarantee that everything FUZL lasts 100+ years. 



<NO-TOOLS> <NO-GLUES> <NO-FUSS> As with all our furniture it arrives to you in our plastic-free packaging in flat-pack mode - don't worry, you don't need tools to put it together. Just watch our easy to follow assembly videos and get your furniture off to day 1 of its very long life.

Take a look for a FUZL location near you on the Home Page.

We have some products that we stock in small quantities but most of our furniture is made to order and as such we need some time to get everything ready for you. 


(We are currently working to an 8 WEEK turnaround from order.) 

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