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What is 'GOOD' anyway?

We've been thinking hard on this one

We'd like to take you through a few of our thoughts on what GOOD means in the context of our company ethos, our products and our ambitions.


Some other things we've been noodling over

How can we make 'Flat Pack GOOD' again?

Flat pack furniture has a pretty bad name. It has become (wrongly) synonymous with cheap mass production and wasteful practices. We want to challenge this unfortunate preconception. At FUZL, we love flat packing our handmade furniture because it’s sustainable, economical, affordable, and protective. What’s not to like. 

Benefits of flat packing:

— Compact. This is one of the clear advantages of flat pack furniture. It’s is easy to dismantle and easy to construct. FUZL furniture is handmade in neat flat parts and is so quick to self-assemble, you’ll wonder if you’ve done it right. (You have, but you can check here if you really want.)

— Sustainable. It’s sustainable because it saves on space and therefore fuel in transit. Our packaging is carefully cut so there is never any excess, and if you look after it (which you should — sustainable —) it can be used time and time again when your furniture moves with you. Flat packing reduces the carbon footprint of furniture manufacturing, and because our packaging is made from recyclable material and made to fit your furniture, we get bonus sustainability points. Works for us, works for you — win win. 

FUZL Flat pack furniture is great because it’s designed to accommodate and adapt to any space. Tiny flat in central London? Flat pack. Sprawling country manor with tiny 17th century doors? Flat pack. Trendy solar-panelled micro home? Flat pack, flat pack, flat pack.