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No tools, No glues, No fuss

We’ve kept our designs ‘tool free’ so there are no nuts & bolts involved - so no more of those small plastic bags with fixings that all have to be produced, and similarly no synthetic glues or varnishings. And we’ve done away with printed assembly instructions in favour of online assembly instructions. 

Down to the finer details

There’s nothing more enjoyable for a design fan than discovering a subtle detail that makes you smile.

That’s why we always try to include design quirks that you’ll only discover when you look hard enough. The way the light hits the grain, the scallop edge detailing, the purposefully hidden FUZL ingrained logo on each piece. 

Our aim is enjoyable furniture and if you’re into design as much as we are, then you’ll get it.

FUZL Studio

Furniture should last a lifetime

Our main point is that cleverly designed and well-made furniture - which can be refurbished over time - is the best form of sustainable design available to us in the industry at the moment.

Furniture should - and will - last a lifetime if we cherish design and give it an opportunity to age with us. We need to reassess our throw away culture with a focus on repairing not replacing to try and make design that is good from concept to construction.