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FUZL After Care Pack


Welcome to Caring for Wood

FUZL’s wooden products and surfaces are finished with VOC-free and food-safe advanced oils; basically, our surfaces are really well suited to the rigours of modern life, so relax.

The great thing about natural surfaces is that they look better with age and can roll with their bruises. So, your table or chair, shelving, or coasters will grow to be more beautiful and individual with every passing year. (Scratches, stains, and dents need to be expected and as far as we’re concerned celebrated.)

Most serious blemishes can be remedied with an ointment or tincture; an abrasive pad & elbow-grease. But, we recommend that you keep on top of the condition of your Working Surfaces* so that they continue to repel water and dirt many years from now. After all, the care of your wooden surfaces can be cathartic and rewarding when you’ve got the knack.

* Working Surfaces are those exposed wooden faces of your furniture that experience the hardest wear and tear and/or cleaning.

Tabletops, cabinet tops and coasters are good examples.

Dimensions (mm)

L124, D47, H37


A Pre-care Soap - 15ml Jar

B Maintenance Oil - 15ml Jar

C Pigmented Oil - 15ml Jar


The contents of this pamphlet are advisory only, you should always endeavor to test any after-care products you choose on a discrete area before embarking on the application over prominent faces.

It is possible for some ingredients of these cleaning products and/or oils to cause allergic reactions. The oils contained within this pack contain linseed oil - always wear protective gloves when applying.

If you experience any allergic reactions, resulting from exposure to these oils, consult your doctor. Specification sheets are available upon request.


B (Maintenance Oil) and C (Pigmented Oil) may NOT be diluted! Cloths, saturated with these oils, can spontaneously combust if improperly disposed of. After usage, any fabrics or materials holding or covered with oil (B or C) must be soaked in water before disposal.

Made to order

Ready to dispatch in less than a week.

Delivery & Returns

ROW - Choose 'Local Delivery' & we will email you to setup delivery or contact us at to organise.

Please have a look at our Returns Policy on our website for more information.


Where are FUZL Products made?

All of our products are made exclusively in the UK. We use a variety of production methods, from wood joinery, automated machining of steelwork and a variety of finishing solutions; it's all here in the UK paying fair wages to trained craftspeople.

Where can I see your products in person?

Take a look in our 'about' section of this website, a list of our partner locations are listed under a section there. Alternatively send us an email to and we can book you a virtual tour...

Do you manufacture your own clips?

We have a very close business partnership with our friends Clip-Lok Simpak, they produce them for us under licence.

How do I return an item?

We will ask you to put the product back into its original packaging - the best you can - and seal the product up securely. You then need to ship it back to us at our office in London (address is on the contact page).

(In any case it will be best to contact us before you ship so that we can discuss options with you.)

How long will It take to receive my order?

All of our products are made to order, the lead time is 3-4 weeks. Please be patient with us as we’re still a lean team.

How many times can a product be reassembled?

All of our products can be assembled and disassembled many times over due to our clip system and the quality of construction.

(We had a stool on demo at a trade fair, and over the duration of the ten day show, our team assembled and disassembled it at least 1000 times and it's still going strong now.)

How do I assemble my product?

We have assembly videos for our products, all available on our website. Just navigate to the 'about' page and navigate to the section on 'How to build it"

How do I care for my product?

Most products should not need aftercare as the wearing is part of the product's life-style - that goes for chairs and most parts of your tables.

In the case of table-tops and other surfaces like them, our recommended care instructions will change over time and so we suggest you either go to the 'about' page and seek out care instructions.


The best thing is to get in touch with us and we will gladly run you through the best practice and which products to use.

Do you offer trade discounts?

We welcome conversations from the trade and retailers and would be glad to speak in detail about potential relationships. Please send an email to with details of your ideas.

Do you make custom orders?

We have been known to do some very bespoke things for our close friends at Folk Clothing and others. We are happy to consider projects, just email us at

Do you ship internationally?

We can arrange shipments to most places, of course the further afield and larger the item the more complex shipping becomes. We recommend getting in touch with us at and we'll do our best to help you.



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