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fuzl x Smile Plastics 4 GrandDesigns - Suffolk 2019


fuzl x York St John University - Barbican campus


Chris Anderson - London Campus Manager:

“I joined York St John University in London in September 2018 and was delighted when our new fuzl furniture arrived. Opening a new University campus with beautiful handcrafted, bespoke items was really exciting and I am delighted to say, it's also proved over the last few months, to be extremely durable and functional.

The furniture is super trendy and fits perfectly with our University branding too!

The best thing is that I can create different formats myself as the furniture is so easy to move around. Our students love the furniture and frequently create different setups with the furniture, depending on their activity, be it group work or larger seminar sessions.

Our fuzl furniture is standing up to the demands of student life and their customer service and care is exceeding expectations.”